SBboard, like every other human being, loves Garfield. So from April 11th to April 17th SBboard celebrated the fat cat himself by putting a Garfield spin on all their comics! Here’s all the comics that participated:

  • Fat Cat (Nice Guy Comics)
  • Garfield (The Maze)
  • Garfield – NEW Generation (Gay Cat)
  • Release (That Robot)
  • The Exciting New Adventures of Garfield (Invisible Eyebrows)
  • Cat Yeah! (Kimoc Pirts)

    On top of these fantastic comics, SBboard even scored an interview with Jim Davis! Unfortunately, Jim Davis the creator of Garfield doesn’t have an email so we had to settle with someone named Jim Davis we found on facebook.

    This guy.

    What’s it like being Jim Davis?
    You know the actor or actress who has a really recognizable face but nobody can remember his/her name? Being Jim Davis is a lot like that except the total opposite.

    How has Garfield changed your life?
    It’s changed me in a couple ways. Before Garfield, I felt relatively underappreciated for my life’s accomplishments (I also worked on Tumbleweeds and Gnorm Gnat before beginning Garfield), and years of working with Garfield makes me realize that, just like an author, as long as people appreciate the character(s) you create, they appreciate you.

    Also, Jon Arbuckle has gradually sent me into a deep existential depression.

    On a scale from ‘very’ to ‘extremely’ how inspired does Garfield make you?
    I base my life on Garfield.

    what’s your favorite squeeze song?
    I’m tempted to say Up the Junction.

    Hey, do you ever feel like you’d rather be doing a different comic than Garfield? is the passion still there?
    Hey. At this point I mostly draw Garfield via muscle memory. It would be nice to do something else, but I’d like to beat this concept to death before I die. Besides, Garfield Minus Garfield is one of my favorite comics.